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Baltimore, MD

We partner with cities motivated to design an inclusive future for all residents.

National service should not be one-size-fits-all. When local residents create the solutions that meet the needs of their communities, the potential for impact is greater. With City Corps as a catalyst, metro areas can exemplify equitable talent development and broadly shared economic growth.

With nearly 10 years of service, Baltimore Corps has successfully built and supported a scalable, place-based model for equitable opportunity led by individuals most impacted. Baltimore Corps has catalyzed and currently manages over 10 programs, including Place for Purpose, Elevation Awards, and Civic Innovators.

More coming soon...

Growing from the foundation of Bham Strong, Birmingham Corps was introduced in 2022 as City Corps’ first expansion city. A sister city to Baltimore, Birmingham shares its historical legacy of inequity, community pride, and thriving entrepreneurial spirit.

More coming soon...

More coming soon...

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Local Leaders:
Bring us to your city.

City Corps is seeking additional partners in this new national movement for service. Connect with us to explore opportunities to work together. 

Non-profit looking for connections & resources?

Get in contact with us through Talent For Good, our coalition for non-profits who are innovating in workforce strategy to address public problems.

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