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What is City Corps?

City Corps collaborates with city leaders, nonprofits, philanthropy, policy makers, and corporate partners to build equitable, place-based ecosystems that turn service opportunities into sustainable careers for underestimated talent. 


We offer tools, resources, professional development, curriculum, technical assistance, funding and other investments to partners in emerging cities operating or starting fellowship training programs, internships, and apprenticeships. 

We believe in a new approach to talent.

Modernized Talent System:

  • Lifelong learning & career development: Access to ongoing education + training, responsive to needs and trends

  • 21st century skills & career pathways: Promoting growth and access to tools and knowledge for mobility

  • Agile structure: Invests in talent and forward-thinking systems to pivot quickly

  • Sector strategies: Enlisting government, nonprofits, and corporations as part of the movement

  • A broader movement for collective impact: Centering people as the unit for change + designed with equity at the forefront

Traditional National Service Model:

  • Inequitable: Those who serve are not reflective of the communities they are serving

  • Outdated & narrow in scope: Emphasizing charity, constrained to the nonprofit sector

  • Unresponsive: Divorced from the evolving needs of the economy, too rigid to pivot

  • Inaccessible: Designed for people with high social and financial capital 

  • Ineffective: Lack of focus on building career paths in social impact, disconnected from communities

Who We Are

City Corps is a national platform for Baltimore Corps to share its proven model for service and essential practices with communities throughout the country. 


Baltimore Corps is one of the largest recruiters of diverse, underestimated talent in and for Baltimore City, as well as the city’s largest grantmaker and lender to early-stage social entrepreneurs and Main Street businesses.  Each year, Baltimore Corps recruiters and placement specialists work collaboratively to qualify and prepare over 2,500 adults and youth for full-time (entry-level to executive) opportunities in service, social entrepreneurship, and the broader labor market, while our small business and social entrepreneurial program contributes more than $600,000 annually in grant and loan capital.


With this valuable experience, Baltimore Corps is primed to help other city leaders develop premier hubs of diverse talent in social innovation in government, nonprofit, and social enterprise in cities across the country.

Solutions That Work

City Corps builds on Baltimore Corps' 10 years of proven experience creating pathways to high-mobility careers. By deploying full-time opportunities in service and social entrepreneurship at scale, Baltimore Corps has provided for continued growth, advancement, and lifelong learning for thousands of people.

Join Us

Support our efforts.

Reach out to learn more about how your contributions will scale the work of City Corps, and create impact across communities nation-wide.

Local Leaders:
Bring us to your city.

City Corps is seeking additional partners in this new national movement for service. Connect with us to explore opportunities to work together. 

Non-profit looking for connections & resources?

Get in contact with us through Talent For Good, our coalition for non-profits who are innovating in workforce strategy to address public problems.

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